Features Compare of Breitling and Omega

While both collections offer a rich assortment designed to satisfy any and all tastes, the Planet Ocean stands out at the front. All in all, it comes in over a hundred different flavors, with four sizes, five different metals, five dial colors, and three complications.
However, while the luxury of the collection is undeniable, the significance of each model remains very clear. Even the smallest model in the collection has a noticeable heft to it, equipped with a significantly thicker case than the replica OMEGA Diver 300M model to cope with the pressure of a 600-meter water-resistance rating.
In terms of functionality, you can choose between a simple time and date model (which makes up the majority of the available models), a small number of GMT models, and a few chronograph models. The chronograph model is only available in the largest size, 45.5 mm, while the GMT model is only available in 43.5, but you can choose from a wide range of time and data models.
All in all, the OMEGA Planet Ocean collection manages to navigate between the ability to have an all-around sports model and the general bearing of a luxury model – all from a manufacturer that is at the top of its game.
Breitling’s Superocean line is a much purer collection than Omega’s. You won’t find any fancy new alloys or molten gold liquids here, and the chronographs with date functions are among the most complicated. You won’t even get a helium vent on every model, and only on those rated at 1000 meters and deeper.
While the engineering may not be as advanced as that of the Omega watches, the Superocean is amazingly talented. Overall, there’s nothing about the Breitling Superocean that feels subtle, but that’s exactly the point. These larger-than-life professional replica watches are aimed at people with outgoing personalities, and they do their job brilliantly.