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The blueprint for the modern dive watch, the Rolex Submariner is a timepiece that needs no introduction. First introduced in 1953 and a cornerstone of the Rolex catalog ever since, the Submariner is easily one of the world’s most iconic timepieces and is synonymous with the Rolex brand itself. 
In 1969, Rolex introduced the first date display dive watch, the Ref. 1680, and like all previous iterations of the Submariner, the Ref. 1680, like all previous Submariner watches, was offered in stainless steel, but also in solid 18-carat gold, the first time the Rolex Submariner collection had been made in precious metal.
In addition to being the first solid gold Submariner, 1680 is also the first time that Rolex’s iconic dive watches have been available in a dial and bezel color other than black. While the Rolex Submariner was still largely considered a dedicated dive watch when the 1680 collection first appeared, this model marked the first time the Submariner began to move toward becoming the internationally recognized status symbol it is today.
This exclusive offering to one lucky Robb Report reader is a perfectly preserved 1977 Rolex Submariner Model 1680 in solid 18k yellow gold. The watch is completely unpolished and its original blue bezel insert and matching gold Oyster bracelet are in exceptional condition with little to no visible signs of wear.
As the first Rolex Submariner replica watches with a date display, the first to be crafted in solid gold, the first to introduce blue into the collection, and the only Submariner Date with an acrylic crystal, the Reference 1680 is a very important model in Rolex’s history and offers many surprises to collectors.